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Hotelrooms :

from 01/05 to 06/05/2022

from 08/05 to 13/05/2022

from 29/05 to 02/06/2022

from 11/09 to 28/09/2022

from 02/10 to 09/10/2022

Bungalows & Glamping:

from 02/05 to 13/05/2022

from 11/09 to 22/09/2022

from 25/09 to 09/10/2022

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OPENING DESK, we are back!

We will open our Booking desk starting from the 5th of December.After a small Rest we are planning the new season 2023. Renovation and news will be ready for you! All the requests will be read and answered within a few days.Thank you for your comprehension, Fam. Venini

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